Diony Guadagnino


Name : Diony Guadagnino
Country : Venezuela
Sail n° : V69
Age : 37
Height : 185 cm
Weight : 85 kg

Disciplines :
  • wave
  • freestyle
  • slalom
  • foiling

Home spot

Undoubtedly the best spot in the world to learn how to windsurf, great conditions for Slalom, Freestyle and Foil

Little story about you

My mother is a Southern Californian & my father is Argentinean.  At the age of 10 months my parents moved to a tiny West Indian Island called Bequia, part of the St. Vincent and the grenadines chain.  At the age of 8, my mother decided to move further on to the South American Caribbean Island known as “Isla Margarita” (Venezuela). I grew up in “Playa El Yaque”, a world re known windsurfing destination.  I would say El Yaque was where I was born into windsurfing.  I spend most of my time on Margarita and Maui for waves & all around sailing.  I am really happy to have such a life working together with Mother Nature. I’ve been privileged to learn different languages, cultures and people around the world.

Favorite spot

Los Roques, Venezuela is the true PARADISE!!! got it all, culture, beautiful people, amazing waves, when there is no waves you can slalom, foil, fish, always somthing to do!

Why ride Loftsails gear?

It is great to work with such a profesional team as Loftsails where everyone is involved in creating the ultimate sails, thanks to Monty Spindler and his legendary vision we are like a family, I have tried all our new 2018 sails at the photo shoot and they are all working so amazing and what I love most is they are billet strong and match perfectly with my person and style as I always love to push the limits no matter what discipline it is, I love braking the rules...jajaja, Good Vibes

His gear

Racingblade 2019

Sizes: 5.0 m2 - 5.6 m2 - 6.3 m2 - 7.0 m2 - 7.8 m2 - 8.6 m2 - 9.0 m2
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Wavescape 2019

Sizes: 3.7 m2 - 3.7 m2 - 4.0 m2 - 4.0 m2 - 4.2 m2 - 4.2 m2 - 4.5 m2 - 4.5 m2 - 4.7 m2 - 4.7 m2 - 5.0 m2 - 5.0 m2 - 5.4 m2 - 5.4 m2 - 5.7 m2 - 5.7 m2 - 6.2 m2 - 6.2 m2
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Pro tips

What do you like about the Racingblade 2018?

“The improvement I love the most for our 2018 Racingblade is how our bigger sizes like the 8.6 feel like a much smaller size, with so much power and a huge range, the sails have a much lighter feeling with our new updates. In my opinion, it is wonderful because that equals more comfort and less work on your body to push for even more speed, can't wait to get my new quiver!!!”

What do you like about the Oxygen 2018?

“When Pascal Tosselli and I tried the Oxygen in Tarifa, I could not recall a moment before where I had that much fun freeriding, ever! This sail made me go literally CRAZY FUN, had amazing power, super speedy acceleration, it's reinforced so very strong, and yet still super maneuverable. I did some spocks, duck jibes, high jumps and even tried some back loops.”

What do you like about the Wavescape 2018?

“We have modified the 2018 Wavescape this year a bit and the results have been amazing! When I tested them, they felt strong yet with a super responsive and light feeling, the perfect sail with the perfect power to push your own limits with maneuvers. The Wavescape suits my style in all wave conditions and I am not scared of trying new things because I know the sail won't let me down.”