Miriam Rasmussen NOR 17

About Miriam

I started windsurfing 7 years ago at age 30. Windsurfing became an addictive obsession in no time, and between working full time, and raising two children I have tried to raise my level of skills as high as possible in order to enjoy this fantastic sport to the fullest! 

When I tested the Loft racingblades the first time in 2015, I was blown away! They were so light, and so easy to flip right out of the bag. I went straight from the beach, wrote a sponsor application, and luckily I was offered a contract! 

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Miriam Rasmussen
NOR 17
65 kg

Why ride Loftsails gear?

I am convinced that Loftsails offer best value for the money on the market in regards of performance, handling, weight, dependability and durability. After one year and over one hundred sessions, my sails still look like new, with almost no sign of wear.  They require minimal attention when it comes to trimming and tweaking, and they still perform on a top level. Oh - and did I mention that the 2018s are perfectly color coded to my new wetsuits?? These are the little things that makes a girl truly happy! :D 

The Gear of Miriam Rasmussen

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The Gear of Miriam Rasmussen

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The Gear of Miriam Rasmussen

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