Klaus Küppenbender G 505

About Klaus

I started Speedsurfing in 1986, got german champion in 1992 ,did Speedworld cup in 1991,92,95. Best result 7th .place

Had a break then ,when i did my restart 2015. I looked for the fastest sail ,found them: Loftsails Speedblades, had some nice conversations with Monty in 2017. 

Decided to Join the Loftsails Racing Team to push my goals in 2018 and support Loftsails and Unifiber.

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Klaus Küppenbender
G 505
105 kg

Why ride Loftsails gear?

It is the fastest and strongest gear money can buy and supports me in getting faster and faster every single day.

I reached a speed of 46,88 with a 73 l board and 6,3 Speed blade with 30 kn of wind ,unbelievable!

Thanks to Loft Sails for making such a great stuff.

The Gear of Klaus Küppenbender

Team Edition C100 SDM
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