Klaus Küppenbender

G 505

Name : Klaus Küppenbender
Country : Germany
Sail n° : G 505
Age : 50
Height : 192 cm
Weight : 105 kg

Disciplines :
  • speed

Home spot

Ouddorp is my Homespot!

Love it to use my Loftsails speedblade there and get the best speed out of my fantastic Loftsails speedblades.

Little story about you

I started Speedsurfing in 1986, got german champion in 1992 ,did Speedworld cup in 1991,92,95. Best result 7th .place

Had a break then ,when i did my restart 2015. I looked for the fastest sail ,found them: Loftsails Speedblades, had some nice conversations with Monty in 2017. 

Decided to Join the Loftsails Racing Team to push my goals in 2018 and support Loftsails and Unifiber.

Favorite spot

Best nature speed strip in the world 

You can find me there speeding with my Loftsails Speedblades every Month, the sails are perfect for this spot.

Why ride Loftsails gear?

It is the fastest and strongest gear money can buy and supports me in getting faster and faster every single day.

I reached a speed of 46,88 with a 73 l board and 6,3 Speed blade with 30 kn of wind ,unbelievable!

Thanks to Loft Sails for making such a great stuff.

His gear