Maja Dziarnowska POL7

About Maja

My life is all about windsurfing. I have experienced a long career in olympic windsurfing since 2005, when I first became Junior World Champion. Though I love course racing which is more similar to sailing and reqires more tactics skills I have always been passionate with typical windsurfing events. The feeling of adrenaline and full speed racing is something I can't even describe with words :)

In have always followed the PWA Tour events and dreamed I could race with the best windsurfers in the World. In 2016 I decided to challenge myself and I participated in my first slalom competition and I was hooked.

I was looking for the best gear for me I looked for the recomendations. My research and the riders opinions lead me to Loftsails company. Easy, friendly and quick comunication with the manager caused I joined LOFT family and it was a fantastic season which brought a big success for me like 3rd place in the IFCA World Championships.

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Maja Dziarnowska
67 kg

Why ride Loftsails gear?

It's definetely one of the best options to get the powerfull weapon to fight fo the World Titles.

Personally what I really like about the gear is the ease in tuning. Feeling the comfort and stability maintaining the power in every conditions .  And all those detales that causes the general ease of use.

The Gear of Maja Dziarnowska

Team Edition C100 SDM
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