Martin Plissonneau FRA 1100

About Martin

I am a simple Caribbean boy living in Canada for studies. Windsurfing is more than a passion but a lifestyle and I am happy to work with Loftsails to push my dreams further forward. Windsurfing is to me a tool to live more from my passions, be free  and be the person I always wanted to be. 

Joining Loftsails was the best thing for me as I was able to keep competing and studying at the same time. The brand values are really close to mine, then working with this team has been a great boost for me, either on the windsurfing side than on the personnal side. I am happy to contribute with my points of views and representing Loftsails through my lifestyle in Caribbean and Canada. 

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Martin Plissonneau
FRA 1100
76 kg

Why ride Loftsails gear?

The Racingblades are probably the easiest but also the most competitive sails I have ever tried. Monty does a great job in designing those sails. They are super responsive with an amazing acceleration. Moreover they got the style and they are more durable than most of the sails !

The Gear of Martin Plissonneau

Racingblade 2018
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The Gear of Martin Plissonneau

Team Edition C100 SDM
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