Simóm Sousa Velarde


Name : Simóm Sousa Velarde
Country : Peru
Sail n° : PER-8
Age : 19
Height : 176 cm
Weight : 76 kg

Disciplines :
  • wave
  • slalom

Home spot

I started windsufing at the age of ten. I immediately loved the feeling, I especially enjoy sailing slalom on my homespot and even more with my loftsails. This year has been great as I'm runner-up for national champion in the youth category and second in the South American championship, youth category. I can't be happier with my loftsails.

Little story about you

I first started hearing about the brand around 2012 when I met Gonzalo Costa, but it was in 2015 when I tried a loftsails for the first tome, in 2016 I had again another oportunity and decided I wanted those to be my next sails, so I contacted Monty... 

Favorite spot

Paracas is a small bay, with winds between 13 and 25 knots every week, sometimes it gets up to 35 but then it's unsailable due to sandstorms. The water is cold and full of animals, and the wind is stable, it's flat and perfect for full speed racing!

Why ride Loftsails gear?

I find the sails much more durable and well thinked compared to other sails, also the ease of use and the speed and power they have, its unbelievable. It's also a brand you can trust, with materials you can trust and performance you can trust. 

I always enjoy sailing with my loftsails.

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