Skip Brüll NED173

About Skip

I'm Skip Brüll, 14 years old and live in the Netherlands. When I was 8 years old I started windsurfing in Bonaire. There I got addicted to the sport. Now I'm training already for 3 years with my coach/trainer, doing slalom, race and foil. I'm racing as much as possible and already achieved some pretty good results. I got involved with the brand by my sponsort ''. He offered me Loftsails, and I was immediately stoked. The sails are so light and well shaped so that was one of the reasons why I choose Loftsails. Now I'm sailing for 2 years Loftsails and I love it. Windsurfing is my biggest passion and Loftsails makes it possible for me to make my dreams come true.

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Skip Brüll
60 kg

Why ride Loftsails gear?

Loftsails makes it very easy for me because there are no other sails so light. Because I'm so young I prefer light sails. These sails are not only made for the big men :), but Lofstails makes it perfect for all the young riders. Lofstails is the best!

The Gear of Skip Brüll

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The Gear of Skip Brüll

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The Gear of Skip Brüll

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The Gear of Skip Brüll

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