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Because of their excellent wind range, Loftsails have significantly wide trim variation in the rigging settings.

So where in the tuning spectrum are the quoted luff/boom measurements taken from?

Loftsails mast/boom measurements are collected once the sail is rigged with both downhaul and outhaul trim well suited for the medium to upper wind range.

Mast lengths (luff) are also taken from the rigged sail, the mast extension/vario top lengths are then noted.

Boom lengths are taken from the mast front to the leech edge at the upper eyelet at the clew.

The tape measure end is hooked on the sail edge just above the eyelet, letting it settle against the eyelet and outhaul line.

Standing at the boom head, the tape measure is taken to the the top of the boom head; the boom is positoned at the boomhole center.

The tape measure is pulled straight, not bent around to the mast front but held straight and the mast front edge aligned by eye to the tape measure.

Previous years Loftsails measured to the top of the boomhole, which can result in as much as 20mm more length.

For upper end use, 1-2 cm. more boom length and 1 -2 cm. more downhaul/mast length is likely a suitable trim – so be sure to build that in when choosing the right mast and boom to fit your chosen Loftsails product.

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