Mast Technology


Loftsails masts are manufactured using only the highest-grade materials and pre-preg (fiber cloth that’s pre-impregnated with resin) construction methods that are highly consistent for quality control and superior to traditional ‘wet’ layup processes that do no guarantee even resin transfer, strength and performance. Loftsails use superior T800 & T700 carbon fiber in their masts. T800 is the optimum fiber when under strain and elongation and compression and also delivers superior response action that enhances sails so well. T700 has even more superior resin absorption and consistency and in fact Loftsails leading Team Edition masts use both fabrics for the ultimate blend of quality and performance.

Pictured: RAW materials stored in fridge to avoid hardening processes at normal temperatures


The CAD plotter accurately cuts all composite raw materials used in the process. This is vital for consistency of weight control and performance.


The right mandrel for each model is then chosen so that the required taper, thickness, bend curve and many other characteristics specified for each model can be produced.


For confidentiality reasons we cannot show Loftsails’ precise, classified techniques used in the next stages. These steps involve rolling the plotted composite materials onto the mandrel with a closely guarded process on how the unique inner and compression layups are formed and secretive method for how the ferrules are integrated. The stickers are applied at this stage though!


External finishing such as protective basalt layers and durable finishing tape are applied to protect from camber wear, heat and impact.


The mast is cooked in an autoclave. It’s vital to closely monitor and precisely control the curation process at various stages for the most consistent results.


Quality Control checks are made such as bend curve measurement, strength under load and impact. Final finishing inspections are then completed before packaging. Next stop – the beach!

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