Vision C75 SDM


& Benefits

  • Constant Curve
  • Each mast produced is being checked and controlled
  • Mastbag included
  • Great alternative for our highest grade C100 Team Edition masts


Windsurf Mast Specifications

Constant Curve Carbon Fiber Quality Mast Bendcurve Stiffness IMCS Mast Surface Finishing Weight
Vision C75 SDM 400 with Mastbag T800 Constant Curve 19 Standard Matte 1.435 kg
Vision C75 SDM 430 with Mastbag T800 Constant Curve 21 Standard Matte 1.69 kg
Vision C75 SDM 460 with Mastbag T800 Constant Curve 25 Standard Matte 1.995 kg
Vision C75 SDM 490 with Mastbag T800 Constant Curve 29 Standard Matte 2.07 kg
Vision C75 SDM 520 with Mastbag T800 Constant Curve 33 Standard Matte 2.6 kg

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