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Please follow these instructions carefully as you rig. This product can be damaged if rigged incorrectly. Incorrect rigging will void the warranty.

Lay out your Loftsail on a dry, sand-free, and ideally wind-free surface.

Insert the recommended mast fully into the mast pocket. Pull the sail down unto the mast at the molded label just above the boomhole a large fold will arrive at the sail boomhole. Once the top plug is correctly seated into the mast top, then pull the sail down at the tack corner. Do not only pull down at tack- this causes damaging pressure between the mast top and the mast sleeve and will void the warranty!

Set your mast extension to the recommended length, thread downhaul line and apply firm tension.

Set the boom to the recommended length, mount boom on mast, tension outhaul.

Apply full downhaul tension.

Check all batten tensions with the batten tensioner key included with your sail. Upper battens (flat profile) need less tension, lower battens (full profile) need more tension. Over tensioning battens may affect rotation and possibly damage your sail.

Once all Tekcams are set in place on the mast, apply full downhaul tension.

Set outhaul tension to suit windsurfing conditions and GO ENJOY THE WIND!

Trim your Sail ! When powered-up- apply full downhaul tension! Release outhaul to suit wind conditions.
Adjust your outhaul: strong winds > flat = easy. Light winds > released = power.

Items to note…
-Be sure the bottom mast section is fully inserted into the top section before applying full downhaul tension.This can be easily done by carefully feeling the mast through the mast pocket, or use tape to cover the connection.
-Keep sand away from your sail! Sand degrades cam rotation, and may cause excessive wear of the mast,
And promotes early aging of your sail. Never drive the mast top into the sand as a method of anchoring the
rig. Should sand enter the Blade mast pocket, take care to completely rinse.
-control and Keep clean the Tekcam rollers and Tekcam friction area and on the mast too, large scratches on the mast will avoid the warranty
-Your sail should be dry and sand-free when rolling for storing in the sailbag.
-Keep your Sail out of the sun when not in use if possible!
-Batten tensioners- keep clean and occasionally apply a small amount of lubricant to each batten tensioner.