Curro Manchon


Name : Curro Manchon
Country : Spain
Sail n° : ESP-1
Age : 39
Height : 170 cm
Weight : 72 kg

Disciplines :
  • raceboard

Home spot

Puerto de Santa Maria

Little story about you

I have been passionate about windsurfing since a very young age.  It started as a hobby and then it was a way of life.

I studied at the University of Seville and after a few years of hard work I finally graduated in Architecture and engineering of construction.

I founded Sailing for Gold, which is a specialized company in windsurfing accessories.

I also worked as a professional coach involved in the Olympics campaigns of athletes as Blanca Manchón and Tuuli Petaja

Nowadays I work as an architect and I am the manager of  Living Sevilla ( business of rental apartments ) but I am still organizing training programs for individual sailors and Olympic sailor groups from all over the world.

Favorite spot


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His gear

Raceboardblade 2017 & 2018

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Pro tips

What do you like about the Raceboardblade LW?

“A wonderful, powerful, light, and yet durable sail, perfect for light wind conditions. Your best choice ever for winds up to 12 knots, although it can easily handle stronger winds. Play with all the possible settings, and you’ll be surprised on its wind range.”

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“Your choice for medium to strong winds. Very light on your arms, but incredibly powerful, it will definitely help you to start sailing upwind just on your fin. A must have sail for more than 15 knots, and a wonderful machine as the wind gets stronger. It feels like you just want more and more wind!”