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About Jim

I have been windsurfing since I was 8 years old.  I love waves, speed and slalom.  I won a raceboard national title in 1996 and then didn't compete again until 2009. I made my comeback with slalom and then discovered GPS speed sailing.  I love the technical side of the sport and love trying to improve my setup.  

Every year I seem to be improving on my results and Loftsails have been a key part of moving my windsurfing forward....winning my first national title 'British GPS Speed Champion 2017' 21 years after my last one!!!  I changed to Loft Sails after seeing so many 'average' windsurfers going so fast and out performing expectation.  For me it has had the same effect...I never dreamed of being 5th World Championships 2016& 2017 and ranked 7th GPS World rankings before I was using Loft!

My ultimate goal was to break 50knots and in 2017 I have managed to reach the magic number on several occasions. Time to move the goal posts!

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Jim Crossley
90 kg

Why ride Loftsails gear?

Loft Sails are pure easy to access performance made to last.  You don't need to be a 105Kg superman to compete at world level and you know your equipment is not going to fail.  Everything is designed made and tested in a way that I know its going to last and keep resale value.

The Gear of Jim Crossley

Purelip 2018
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The Gear of Jim Crossley

Racingblade 2018
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The Gear of Jim Crossley

Speedblade 2018
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The Gear of Jim Crossley

Team Edition C100 SDM
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The Gear of Jim Crossley

Wavescape 2018
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