Robin Blondeel


Name : Robin Blondeel
Country : Belgium
Sail n° : BEL-44
Age : 31
Height : 186 cm
Weight : 78 kg

Disciplines :
  • slalom
  • speed

Home spot

On the lake Grevelingen close to the spot of Brouwersdam (with the surfcentre) you find a small village called Zonnemaire. On the east-side of the small harbour you find a parking lot with a lot of space to rig your gear in grass. When you go out on the right (east) side you find the inside dams, 2 - 3 km of perfect flat water with SW-wind. When the wind isn't powerful there can be lulls in it. When this happens you can go to the left (west) side, first through some chop. But after 2-3 km's you find 3 dams with again perfect flat water. On this side there's always 5kn more wind. 

Little story about you

I had the chance to try some sails of a friend and I was immediately convinced these sails would bring me to the next level. 

Favorite spot

The famous beach of La Franqui is well known with every european speedsurfer. When the tramontana kicks in here, things can go crazy and records can be sailed on open water. 

Why ride Loftsails gear?

The sails give me a lot of power but still I'm always in control. Gybing goes smoot and the cambers pop really easy.

His gear

Racingblade 2018

Sizes: 5.0 m2 - 5.6 m2 - 6.3 m2 - 7.0 m2 - 7.8 m2 - 8.6 m2 - 9.4 m2
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