Karl Luca Spindler E 2093

About Karl Luca

I grew up with Loftsails seeing every day the dedication of my dad to the brand. Windsurfing for me began out of curiosity – and of course gear was not a problem – and in no time I discovered the passion. But when younger my focus was not so good and my level too inconsistent. I was stuck. Then something changed and I got inspired by the ‘art’ of windsurfing – and once again was hooked. My perspective on the sport evolved to become more open-minded, motivated and creative. Now I am really happy to be part of and contributing to the team.

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Karl Luca Spindler
E 2093
74 kg

Why ride Loftsails gear?

I ride with Loftsails because of the performance and quality.

The Gear of Karl Luca Spindler

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The Gear of Karl Luca Spindler

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The Gear of Karl Luca Spindler

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