Louis Morris GBR-730

About Louis

I grew up in Cornwall, the wave sailing capital of England, but somehow my windsurfing background originates from dinghy sailing on a small lake. It wasn't long before this became an obsession with windsurf course-racing. I switched from RSX to Raceboard at the age of 18, looking for a fun way to enjoy tactical, high-performance racing whilst avoiding the gym, focus on my academic studies, and satisfying a growing wave sailing addiction. 8 years later, and I finally became part of the Loft Sails team, after Curro Manchon had been persuading me on and off for a couple of years before that. There's no looking back. The Raceboard Blade range far surpasses my previous expectations of what was possible in a course racing sail.

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Louis Morris
70 kg

Why ride Loftsails gear?

Lightweight, controllable power, high performance, huge wind range.

The Gear of Louis Morris

Team Edition C100 SDM
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The Gear of Louis Morris

Team Edition SDM
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