Aleksander Sorokin RUS - 136

About Aleksander

First time I tired windsurfing in 2010 and was hopelessly hooked from day one. Juggling between nine-to-five job and a newly found passion was not an option, thus in 2012 I've moved to Dahab to pursue windsurfing as a full-time occupation. 

The spot is a perfect training ground for freestyle and slalom racing. And this is where I was introduced to the Loftsails for the first time. Sails entirely clicked into my riding style and felt like a good fitting glove. But it is the possibility to easily approach the brand directly as well as Monty's personal support that fully convinced me.

Looking forward to new developments from Monty Spindler and hope to continue spreading the Wind Vision.

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Aleksander Sorokin
RUS - 136
70 kg

Why ride Loftsails gear?

With the Loftsails designs, particularly Airscape, I could achieve the desired control and precision that just wasn't for me with the other sails.

The Gear of Aleksander Sorokin

Airscape Fin / Foil
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The Gear of Aleksander Sorokin

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