An interview with Ramon Pastor ESP-72 & Serena Zoia ITA-17

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Ramon Pastor ESP-72 : Windsurfing is my passion and my life. I live in Tarifa in the South of Spain, one of the best spots on the Planet to sail and train my favorite discipline “Slalom” together with the others PWA guys living here. I’m happy to be part of this great Loft Sails team and looking forward to start the PWA Tour. After working more than 7 years in the Windsurfing Industry it’s exciting to start working with Monty Spindler using my acquired  knowledge in R&D to develop new products that make this sport better and easier for everybody.

Serena Zoia ITA-17 : Italian living in Tarifa since 2011, after a radical lifestyle change. Since then I discovered windsurfing in waves. Here in Tarifa I hit the water every time I can and enjoy every moment. I travel as much as possible to find good waves conditions and train, because I love it and because I started competing in the PWA Wave Tour, which is already a dream made true. And now I want to get better at it!

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